Zecora id

Zecora the zebra


Zecora is a zebra who lives in the Everfree Forest .
She is an expert in most things that the ponies would consider "supernatural."
Originally, the Ponies thought that Zecora was an evil enchantress, and Pinkie Pie even wrote a song about her:

She's an evil enchantress
And she does evil dances
And if you look into her eyes
She will put you in trances
And what will she do?
She'll mix up an evil brew
Then she'll gobble you up in a big tasty stew
So... watch out!

Of course, it turned out that the ponies were all judging Zecora before getting to know her. She's actually very nice and tries to help the ponies whenever she can.


Zecora is not a regular little pony - she's a Zebra. She is white with black stripes. Her cutie mark is a black swirl surrounded by tiny triangles.
She wears jewelry - a gold choker that goes all the way up her neck, a gold bracelet, and large gold hoop earrings. She has green eyes.

Zecora talks in rhymes.

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