Rarity is a white unicorn pony with a purple mane and tail, and blue eyes. Her cutie mark consists of three blue  
Rarity standing S1E19 CROPPED

"Rarity the unicorn."



Rarity is an absolute fashionista. She designs beautiful outfits and hair styles. She dreams of one day meeting Princess Celestia's nephew, with whom she plans to fall in love and get married. She also makes dresses for Sapphire Shores. She got her cutie mark when her horn brought her unwillingly to a big rock. A boom (Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom) broke the same rock in half, revealing a variety of gems that Rarity then used to create costumes for her school musical.


Rarity holds the element of Generosity, one of the Elements of Harmony. The others are: Magic, Laughter, Kindness, Honesty, and Loyalty.

Character BackgroundEdit

Rarity's appearance was based on a cross between Glory, a G1 pony, and Sweetie Belle , a G3 pony. She was named after the first unicorn to appear in the G3 series. She is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain in the series.

247px-AiP CM Rarity.svg

Rarity's cutie mark

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