Rainbow Dash is one of the main characters in MLP.                                                                              
Rainbow Dash Wonderbolt fantasy cropped S1E3


Rainbow Dash has a blue coat and a rainbow-colored mane. She is the only pony in ponyville with more than 3 colors in her mane.


Rainbow Dash is a pegasus pony who originally lived in Cloudsdale before moving to Ponyville. She's an athlete who enjoys playing pranks, practicing her flying techniques, and helping her friends. She's an incredibly talented flyer, being the first pony to perfect the Sonic Rainboom, winning her the "Best Young Flyers" competition. Rainbow dash holds the element of loyalty, which she earns after turning down a chance to fly with the Shadow Bolts to help her friends. Her cutie mark is a cloud with a rainbow colored lightning bolt. This shows she loves to race. She helped the other ponies get their cutie marks before they ever met. And Rainbow Dash can cause a Sonic Rainboom, and when its occurs her speed doubles instantly. And somehow the resulting sonic boom completely shatters the visible light spectrum, the sonic rainboom itself can break through solid rock, and shake mountains. Rainbow Dash is athletic, and exetremely competitive, and loyal. Rainbow Dash always dreamed of becoming a Wonderbolt.                                   
246px-AiP CM Rainbow Dash.svg

Rainbow Dash's cutie mark


Rainbow Dash holds the element of Loyalty, one of the Elements of Harmony. The others are: Magic, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, and Kindness.She is the friend of Gilda,Applejack and Pinkie Pie

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