Queen Chrysalis is the Queen of the Changelings, and is first featured in A Canterlot Wedding. In a battle, she defeated Princess Celestia in one magical blast by stealing Shining Armors magic powers. She is mostly known to have took the form of Princess Cadance.
Chrysalis ceremony podium cropped S2E26

The evil queen of the changelings


Queen Chrysalis and the other changelings have designs that look similar to the one of a pony. Unlike a normal unicorn, Chrysalis has a twisted horn. She has a different appearance from a normal pony.Queen Crysalis is able to get through any portel or protection spell by transforming into anypony or anything.she can also get married and then put a spell on the groom.thats just cold.


Princess Cadance and Shining Armor both defeated Queen Chrysalis by using the magic of 'love'.

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