Pinkie Pie S1E12 cropped

Character InfoEdit

Pinkie Pie first appeared in the first half of the two part pilot episode, and was the first pony Twilight Sparkle met...who she later ran away from and then threw a surprise party for at the library/tree Twilight lives in. Her element is laughter. Her cutie mark is three balloons for the party she did for her family in order to make them smile.


Pinkie Pie is very, very, very, very hyper, and somewhat of a scatterbrain. When seeing this activity, her friends simply say she's "Just being Pinkie Pie." Pinkie Pie is sometimes seen as wacky or mentally unstable.

She can be crazy and goofy, and she loves to throw parties. She also loves making her friends laugh and smile. Pinkie Pie also loves her family back at the rock farm.

Her Element is Laughter.                                                                                                               
285px-AiP CM Pinkiepie.svg

Pinkie Pie's cutie mark

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