Spike and the Fairies is a fanmade series that is created by Studio B Productions in Canada,Hasbro Studios in the US and Teletoon in Canada.


Long ago there was a lost world in Equestria hidden in Ponyville and behind the Everfree Forest a town called...Fairyville! Where people called human fairies with clothing style,decorative hair and cutie marks that match there wings.The town's leader was named Stacy Sparkle,a Phineas and Ferb charater as a fairy with another named Jennyshy.One day The Fairy Elements of Harmony is missing a seventh element,so Stacy Sparkle sends four fairies named The Fairy Four.A group of Phineas and Ferb charater lookalikes.Their leader in Phineas,Candy Pie,Rainbow Ferb and Isabella.When they got to Ponyville they discovered Twilight Sparkle's house! And when they got inside they encountered her number one assistant Spike the Dragon! And they belive he's the seventh element! Now Spike must keep the fairy secret fom Twilight and her friends and fight the evil fairy monsters that roam the Everfree Forest and unlock the puzzle if Princess Luna is working for Nightmare Moon!


Season 1:

Begining of the Faries! Part 1

Begining of the Faries! Part 2

The Circus Master

Cherrybuck Season

Return of the Griffon!

Boasting of Trixie Madness!

Dragonshy (Faries Redux)

Look Before Your Face

Zecora Gossip!

Goth of the Century

Monster Wrap-Up!

Cobraconda of the Cutie!

Snake Weather Friends

Evil for Sucess!

Feeling Hydra Keen?

Sonic Ferboom!

Medusa Master!

The Show Stoppera!

A Dog and a Dragon Show!

A Green Photo Finish!

Over an Apple's Barel!

A Bird in a Fairy's Hand!

The Fairy Cutie Mark Chronicles!

But The Owl Came Back!

Mantis Party of One!

The Worst Gala Ever!

Season TwoEdit

Potion Comotion!

Blue of Darkness!


Be Carful What You Wish For!

Candy Dandy= Villian (New!): Candy Lang

Remote of Destiny!

Flowers Arent Thorns You Know!

Poison Apple of Princess Luna!

The Ice Pop Factor

Creature of the Deep!

Dawn of the Ice Girl!=Villian/Allie:Chillorella The Ice Girl

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