King Sombra ID S03E01

King Sombra the tyrant king of The Crystal Empire

King Sombra is a unicorn and the main antagonist of The Crystal Empire                                                                  

Backstory and DesignEdit

"1000 Years ago King Sombra a unicorn who's heart was black as night took over the Crystal Empire. He was ultimently overthrone turned to shadow and banished to the ice of the artic north. But not before he was able to put a curse opoun the empire. A curse that casued it to vanish into thin air."-Princess Celestia explaining to Twilight Sparkle about King Sombra. King Sombra has a different design than most normal ponies. He has a bent horn and sharp fangs green eyes with red pupils with cat-like slits and purple mist emiting from his eyes.

Dark Magic and DefeatEdit

Information coming soon

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