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Fluttershy trotting CROPPED S2E7
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Appearance and AttitudeEdit

Fluttershy is a pegasus pony with a long pink mane and tail, and teal eyes. Her cutie mark consists of three pink butterflies. Fluttershy loves animals, and although she has wings, she isn't a very strong flyer. She has known Rainbow Dash since they were fillies, and discovered her cutie mark when she was knocked from a cloud to the ground below, where she discovered that she loved the wildlife. She is shy and timid and often is scared at small things, but she has a soft heart and her friends are willing to accept it. She is also good at singing.
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Fluttershy's cutie mark
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Fluttershy holds the element of Kindness, one of the Elements of Harmony. The others being: Magic, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, and Loyalty. the Elements of Hamony are elements that hold special powers, to turn ponies and people to stone. In The Return of Harmony 2 the Main 6 turn a creature named Discord to stone.

Character BackgroundEdit

Fluttershy's design was based on Posey, a G1 Earth Pony, and she was named after a G3 Earth Pony. She is voiced by Andrea Libman  in the TV series.

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