Here We Can Make A fanon or fan fiction. You can make up stories about the ponies and create your own ponies too! It is very fun! REMEMBER: ALWAYS PUT Fanon: in front of the name and and the catogory Fanon on the bottom of your story.


Remember: you can make up ANY character you want. Like a cat or a frog or even a peanut if you wanted too!!! Be creative and have fun!

I will make a best fanon of the week contest and best writer of the month. AND good writers MAY get a rollback position. These Rollbacks will have the power to:

  1. Delete FANON pages. (If I can make it do that.) *This doesn't mean you get to delete people's fanons because you don't like them/or the fanons. IF YOU GET CAUGHT DOING THIS YOU WILL GET YOUR ROLLBACK STATUS TAKEN AWAY!
  1. Delete bad comments. (If I or Fluttershy are not there first. lol)
  1. AND report people to an admin if they violate the rules.

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