Dewdrop dazzle

3ponypals own pony, Dewdrop Dazzle, who is a real toy!

Dewdrop Dazzle
3ponypals MLP (don't steal)





fav food

Special Burritos, taco seasoning, cream cheese, cheese,salsa, and black olives...YUM!

Favorite Subject(s)

The Easiest Subjects Each Year

Least Favorite Subject(s)

The Hardest Subjects Each Year


A Snowy Owl called Yukiko

Cutie Mark

Yellow and Pink Stripped Umbrella with a White Heart with a Pink Outer Heart on top of the umbrella. The umbrella with a purple handle and a small yellow heart to the left side under the umbrella, and another white heart under the right side of the umbrella.


I tend to sulk once in a while when someone says something mean to me.

This makes me mad...

rain...there's so much to do without getting wet.


Lily Blossom, and Blossomforth

Dewdrop Dazzle is a fun loving pony who loves to be the star of the show. She dosen't mind sharing the spotlight with her friends, and loves to plan good suprises for everyone. Although not too popular with most ponies, she sticks around with her best friends, Lily blossom, and Blossomforth.

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