Cheerilee id
She is an Earth Pony. Cheerilee is the teacher of Apple Bloom's class. She first appeared various episodes as background. Her major debut was in Call of the Cutie.

Cutie MarkEdit

Her cutie mark is three flowers with smiley faces. She recieved this mark when she learned that she liked teaching because all the smiles she brought, and was very good at it.


She is Megenta in color has pink hair. Her mane has a light pink lock of hair in the middle. She bears the same appearance as her G3 counterpart and appears in the second wave of the toy line. Her eyes are light lime green.


Her first major appearance was in Call of the Cutie.

Call of the CutieEdit

She was teaching the class about Cutie Marks, and showed various pictures of them and she even showed her own. She said that you gain them when you figure out your special talent along with more things.

The Show StoppersEdit

In The Show Stoppers she announced to the class that the school was putting on a talant show. The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo, decided they wanted to do a concert-like act with Scootaloo singing, which she is terrible at, Apple Bloom dancing, which she is terrible at, and Sweetie Belle controlling decorations and backdrops, which again she is terrible at.

Winter Wrap UpEdit

Cheerilee has a few cameo appearances, like in the songs or just in the background.

The Return of Harmony Part 1Edit

Cheerilee takes her class on a field trip to Canterlot's Statue Garden. While their she asks the ponies what the statues mean. She approches Discord, in a statue and asks the Cutie Mark Crusaders what it is. They argue confusion, chaos, and evil. Cheerilee tells them it is Discord, all of the three, she says that since the trio showed it so well they will write an essay about it.