Nightmare moon/ Luna 

Appearance: Luna is a dark blue winged unicorn, with a light blue short mane and tail. As she gets older, she looks more like her sister. As nightmare moon, she is a very dark blue color, with bat like wings, a sharp horn armor, and a misty blue mane and tail. history: Luna's jealousy is what transformed her into nightmare moon. She battles her own sister who banishes her to the moon, destroying the castle, and hurting her sister. It makes sense her sister did not want to banish her sister, but she had no choice Luna was evil! In tears the princess banished her younger sister, harmony continued. In pony vile. Personality: Luna likes to have fun, as herself she felt bad after destroying the land of ponies. Luna enjoys more fun and pleasure than her sister. But is often quite and shy, but has a temper. She does love to relax to.