This is the first episode of Spike and the Fairies!

The StoryEdit

Voice: Long ago a lost world hidden inside Equestria,somewhere behind Ponyville and the Everfree Forest is called Fairyville! Where people called human fairies that also own by the great fairy wizard Stacy Sparkle and her assistant Jennyshy.One day a fairy named Rosalina once lifed her rose into the moonlight making her transform into a vicious fairy-monster named Nightmare Rose! She turned the fairies into fairy-monsters to destroy Equestria! So Stacy Sparkle send the Guardian Horses of Light,The White Horse and The Black Horse with Jennyshy and four fairies as The Fairy Elements of Harmony! It defeated Nightmare Rose and lock her into the Clocktower Prison but she took the Guardian Horses of Light with them and took them in and they were never seen again.One day the seventh element was missing ,so Stacy Sparkle sended the Fairy Four to search who the seventh element was...

Stacy Sparkle:If the seventh element is missing then who is the element? Who?


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