name kind talent/s gender/s loves to do/s lives at parent/s
Twilight sparkle unicorn magic girl read books ponyville, the treehouse library Twilight velvet, Nightlight
Pinkie pie earth pony having parties girl having parties ponyville, sugarcube corner shop Mrs.Pie,Mr.Pie
Applejack earth pony bucking apples girl making apple pie ponyville, sweet apple acres Granny smith
Rarity unicorn making fashion designs girl making dresses ponyville,fashion boutique Pearl,Magnum
Rainbow dash pegasus flying fast girl being fast cloudsdale , rainbow house Mrs.Solid ring,Mr.stealviper
Fluttershy pegasus caring animals girl loves animals ponyville, fluttersweet cotage Mrs.Flitzey,Mr.Himmerswelve
Fireskull (me) pegasus flying fast too girl racing a pony pegasi cloudsdale, skull cotage Mrs.Goldenfire,Mr.Firewhip
Tootsy lollipop and Loopsy lollipop earth ponies making candies girls making tons of candies mostly on hollooween pnyville, sweet candy delights shop Mrs.Cottoncandy,Mr.Candycane
Derpy pegasus eats muffins and delivers mail girl eating tons of muffins cloudsdale , muffin house Mr.Ditzy,Mrs.Ditzy
Tina timberpony earth pony scares ponies girl scaring lots of ponies in hollooween ponyville, underground house Mr.Bloodvest,Mrs.Timberblood
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